Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Greek Alphabet

Well, we haven't really done any blogging yet on Greece, so I thought I'd just mention that the kids are attempting to learn the Greek alphabet. As Chesterton mentioned, young children can really enjoy this sort of thing in a fun setting. We got this beautiful poster from the Exploratorium Store (a funny coincidence because I found it through the search engine, but we used to visit the Exploratorium in San Francisco when I was a child) at the request of the Map Guy for his ninth birthday. Unfortunately, the poster only includes the upper case Greek letters. You CAN find the Greek alphabet (including lower case letters) here.

We also watched the film Visions of Greece, which is very beautiful and informative.

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gus henbry said...

dude, AWESOME! im taking greek right now at Augustana College in Sioux Falls. im only in 8th grade, but it's awesome. the greek alphabet is also just the newer and more used letters, for there's at least 3 other older forms that i know of; they are digamma(a slanted F), sampi(looks a bit like a lowercase pi that's slanted), and qoppa, a stick with a ball on top. we get our Q from it. bye now
Gus Henebry