Sunday, March 12, 2006

Stories about Egypt

Hello again, I'm back. I know I just did a post but since it is the last day of Egypt study I have to hurry. Most of the titles are linked to my moms reviews of them. Now here is the reading list for Egypt:

The Golden Goblet By Eloise Jarvis McGraw
A boy living unhappily with his unkind step-brother may have a chance to be free of him and learn the goldsmith craft of his dreams.

Mara Daughter of the Nile By Eloise Jarvis McGraw
A clever slave girl finds herself playing the dangerous role for spy on two opposing sides. When she finally is ready to choose the side of the imprisoned king, Thutmose III her double role is discovered.

God King By Joanne Williamson
An unexpected heir comes to the throne of Egypt, that is until he is forced to flee for his life. In his exile he comes into contact with the fighting kings of the Judeans and the Assyrians, whom will he side with?

Shadow Hawk By Andre Norton

Pyramid By David Macaulay

St Athanasius By F. A. Forbes
A easy biography of the Egyptian saint.

The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone By James Cross Giblin
A great book on the path to the knowledge of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Tales of Ancient Egypt By Roger Lancelyn Green
Title says all (:

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