Monday, January 09, 2006

Earth Viewer

This is a really interesting map. It shows, live when you are looking at it, where it's day and where it's night all over the world. I noticed that, for part of the summer, the North Pole only has day and, for part of the winter, the North Pole only has night. And my mom said that if you stand at the North Pole during this part of the summer, the sun circles all the way around at the horizon.

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Love2Learn Mom said...

One more neat thing we learned from this map awhile ago is the difference in length of days for varying parts of the globe. Since we know that the north and south poles have some REALLY long days in their summers, it makes sense that the length of day varies according to latitude (distance from the north or south pole). Anyway, we discovered that San Diego (where we once lived) has an hour more of sunlight during the winter and an hour less of sunlight during the summer than the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area (where we now reside).