Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Earlier today my mom told us about the queen of the Netherlands, Queen Beatrix. She was crowned in 1980. She has three sons,
Wilhem-Alexander, Johan-Frisco and Constantijn. Prince Wilhem will succeed her to the throne.
But there's more. If you have read the wonderful book, The Winged Watchman, you probably recognize the name. In the story the mother of the Veerhagen family manages to rescue a Jewish baby when it's family was taken by the Nazis. And since they did not know the baby's name they named her Beatrix, the princess.
I thought that was interesting and worthy of being put on this blog.


Kathie said...

Hi Map Guy! Your blog is superb. I just had to comment on the wonderful CANADIAN connection to Queen Beatrix. Maybe you already know? During the war, Princess Beatrix, her sister, Princess Irene, and their mother, Queen Juliana, all fled to Canada for safekeeping. They lived in Ottawa (my home town) for five years (1940-1945). During that time, a baby girl was born to Queen Juliana- Princess Margriet. The child was born in the Ottawa Civic Hospital. The government of Canada, as an act of friendship, named the maternity wing of the hospital "Dutch soil", so that the Dutch princess could be officially born on Dutch land. In thanks for this gesture, the government of Holland sends thousands of tulip bulbs to Canada annually. They have done this for decades! Ottawa has a huge Tulip Festival in early May that is a wonderful spectacle! But I love the amazing story behind the tulips. I hope you do, too.
God bless you, and keep up the great work, Map Guy (and family!)

Ria said...

I had never heard that before, that is really cool. Thanks for sharing such an interesting fact.

electroblogster said...

Kathie, this is fascinating. We are wondering what happened to the other babies born that day and in that place. Were they granted dutch citezenship also?