Monday, January 16, 2006

What We're Doing

The way we're studying geography right now is working on learning basic facts (available from links at the right under "Objectives") while highlighting a country each week from the continent being studied (we won't make it through every country in one year - hoping instead to make some good mental connections about some of them from which to expand a "base of knowledge" in the future). The facts we're focusing on are: learning the names, locations and capital cities of each country in that continent as well as principal rivers and mountains/mountain ranges.

We're using library books, travel movies and documentaries, biographies, living books and the Internet to do a little exploring in each chosen country as we have time.

"Ria" (the oldest) is writing all of her posts on her own. "The Map Guy" generally does his via narration, but will be moving toward more and more independence over time. "Terri" (his 8 year old sister) should be contributing some narrations of favorite books in the near future.

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