Monday, January 09, 2006


The Map Guy (my little brother) and my mom talked me into joining this blog. Geography isn't really my thing but I LOVE history. So I will be sharing some things about history in Europe.

I have been learning about Ancient Rome in my Latin Class. Not everyone realizes that there are Roman sites (not websites!!!!!!!!!!!) all over Europe and even into north Africa. Here's a place I just found that looks really cool.
It has lots of links to things about Ancient Roman places.
Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love2Learn Mom said...

Hello yourself. :)

Just in case anyone is interested, there's a really neat old National Geographic Map of the History of Europe that we really like and have seen frequently for sale (quite inexpensive on eBay). It's called The History of Europe: Major Turning Points (from December 1983). It has some neat artwork and lots of info about historical sites throughout Europe. The back is a Political Map of Europe from 1983 complete with the Iron Curtain.

Dr. Thursday said...

Good for you, Ria! After all, History and Geography do go together very well, and one needs maps to travel in time just as much as one needs them to travel in space.

Apparently Chesterton thought that Rome is at the North Pole - what do you think?

See here for more about that.

rhapsody said...

Wonderful site!

& you're getting a linkin'!